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The following appeared in Brandweek magazine. The citation is Hut, Mills join Quest., By: Benezra, Karen, Brandweek, 10644318, 1/29/96, Vol. 37, Issue 5

Hut, Mills join Quest.

Pizza Hut, General Mills, Galoob Toys and Sara Lee's Hanes unit are partnering for an initial wave of promotional and licensing activities behind Turner Home Entertainment's fall TV series, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

Pizza Hut breaks an eight-week kids meal effort in late August with character premiums, supported by TV. General Mills will slate an in-pack offer on millions of boxes of its Big G cereals. Beverage and snack partners are also expected.

"Come September, every kid in America will have been reached by some promotional element," said Anne Adriance, svp and general manager of domestic licensing at Turner.

The "virtual world" animated strip, with 65 half-hour episodes produced by Hanna-Barbera, is set to air 21 times a week on TBS, TNT and the Cartoon Network. The heavy commitment has Turner shooting for extended relationships to sustain long-term brand identity. A live-action Quest theatrical release is expected in 1997.

A growing list of licensees includes: Galoob's action figures, vehicles and playsets; Microgames of America's handheld toys; Hanes' activewear and t-shirts for boys and men and Dark Horse comics.

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