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The following appeared in Brandweek magazine. The citation is Pillsbury, Campbell's join in new Quest., By: Matzer, Marla, Brandweek, 10644318, 6/24/96, Vol. 37, Issue 26.

Pillsbury, Campbell's join in new Quest.

Campbell's Soup's SpaghettiO's and Pillsbury baking mixes join Pizza Hut and General Mills on the list of promotional partners for Turner's The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, debuting in the fall on TNT, TBS and the Cartoon Network.

Turner claims a combined $20 million in promos will support the Quest relaunch, and says its networks are spending between $5 and $7 million towards the show's launch. The 65 haft-hour strips will air a total of 21 times a week on the Turner channels.

SpaghettiO's will feature one of six different Quest holograms under the labels of approximately 20 million cans beginning in late August. National TV and FSI will support, along with POP materials including shelf talkers.

Pillsbury flour, frosting and cake mixes--50 SKUs--will feature a rebate offer on Jonny Quest videos from October 1996 through March 1997. National FSI, shopping cart ads and Aislevision will support the promo, in addition to POP including pole toppers and shelf talkers.

General Mills will feature on-package offers for Quest T-shirts and other items on millions of its Cinnamon Toast and Honey Nut Cheerios boxes, August through December. Pizza Hut offers toy premiums for kids, advertised on TV and at POE

Turner has also developed a "Quest Adventure Value Pack" to spur synergy between licensees and promotional partners. The booklet comes with Quest licensed merchandise, offering a combined savings of $40 on 13 different products ranging from Galoob toys to Pizza Hut food. Quest already has over 30 licensees, from phone cards to kids' underwear.

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