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The following appeared in Brandweek on July 22, 1996. The citation is Matzer, Marla. Turner's stylin'. Brandweek; Techno; Out of the box; p. 18.


While other companies like Warner Bros. and Disney are developing such tech, Turner Home Entertainment will be the first licensor out with a digital CD-ROM stylebook, developed in cooperation with Apple Computer. The style guide, a menu of marks and images that creates a uniform look to licensed merchandise, is being used initially for Turner's fall animated show Jonny Quest. It is faster and cheaper to make -- Turner claims it costs about $ 100,000, or a third of what traditional stylebooks do to produce -- and gives licensees greater ease and flexibility, as they can hear sound bites and download images directly from the computer screen. "This technology will benefit everyone," said Russell Hicks, THE vp of creative affairs. "It will make it easier for licensees to follow our guidelines, and we shouldn't have to nitpick for problems as much." Turner's second digital stylebook will be for ScoobyDoo -- Turner is readying the 26-year-old character for a comeback.

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