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Intergraph Workstations Play Starring Role in "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" at Blur Studio Business Wire, Feb 12, 1997


9-1/2 Minutes of 3D Animation Produced in 10 weeks on

Intergraph 3D Graphics Workstations for the Digital

Doublecross episode

Recent project work at Blur is highlighted by impressive accomplishments for Hanna-Barbera's animated series, "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest". Utilizing the power of Intergraph's TDZ 3D Graphics Workstations with RealiZm 3D graphics, and Kinetix 3D Studio Max(TM), Blur created 9-1/2 minutes of 3D animation in ten weeks for the Digital Doublecross episode.

With a short 10 week production schedule, a new production paradigm was set to meet Hanna-Barbera's deadlines for this large quantity of high quality animation. 17,250 total frames of computer-generated images (CGI) were produced for this episode on Intergraph 3D Graphics Workstations -- powered by dual and quad 200 MHz Pentium Pro processors running Windows NT -- from the design stages through final rendering. Blur was able to hit render times averaging 10 minutes per frame, with motion blur -- all done at D1 resolution.

"We couldn't have produced this amount of work at this rate on any other system than Intergraph," said Blur's co-founder and creative director, Tim Miller. Blur's renderfarm of quad-processor slave units are assigned to keep up with the daily demand of rendering tests and finals. According to Tim Miller, "Intergraph's machines work faster, test faster, and render faster. We are seeing render times drop from one hour to eight minutes compared to our old P5 machine". Miller is also looking forward to seeing the performance capabilities of Intergraph's RenderGL graphics libraries which will enable highly realistic rendering of 3D computer generated images (CGI) at unprecedented speeds. Describing Intergraph's forward thinking, Miller said, "Others in the industry are just turning their rudders while Intergraph's ship had long ago set their course for supporting animators on NT."

In addition to their animation for this episode, Blur has also been involved in a four minute animation for the upcoming episode entitled, "More Than Zero", as well as 30, 60 or 90 second promotional animations known as "Quest Bites", which follow the end of a Quest episode. Blur's Miller recently finished writing and directing an upcoming Quest Bite entitled, "Exterminator". Cat Chapman says working with Hanna-Barbera has been a terrific sharing experience, "They must be pleased with our work because they have continued to bring us work and refer us to other projects." From Hanna-Barbera's perspective, Karen Ferguson added, "After weeks of intense production to meet their deadlines on the initial 10 minute piece, Blur continues through production on the new spots with the same enthusiasm and confidence they had at the start."

Intel/Windows NT-based production was an integral part of Blur Studio's launch when Blur's three co-founding partners: creative directors Tim Miller, David Stinnett, and executive producer Cat Chapman opened the doors to the studio in March of 1995. Originally working with Pentium 100 systems, Blur's high-profile projects and high production standards soon outgrew those systems capabilities. After reconfiguring and scavenging the systems in an attempt to keep up with their growing needs, Blur faced the reality that they needed more powerful hardware with superior graphics and an open-architecture to support the new Windows NT applications. "We knew we wanted the most powerful systems available," recalls Miller. "Intergraph was the only company shipping dual processor Pentium Pro machines at the time and their workstations are the Cadillacs of Windows NT-based systems." Chapman adds, "Support is a big factor when you are working on the cutting edge -- Intergraph's technical support continues to be very important to our operations. They are responsive and we know they are there for us -- which is critical when you have production deadlines and airdates to meet." Jeff Edson, Intergraph's vice president of digital media agrees, "Our relationship with Blur Studios, and the Hollywood production community, is a long-term partnership. Intergraph will continue to provide superior 3D graphics and systems performance, and offer the support this industry expects."

Intergraph Background Information

Intergraph systems are currently making a big splash into Hollywood. Intergraph's TDZ and StudioZ workstations are currently making waves at television and interactive production companies and motion picture studios including DreamWorks Interactive, Disney Interactive, and Sony Imageworks. Intergraph's 3D Graphics Workstations are changing the paradigm for digital animation and post production by providing cost efficient and production-effective options rivaling the proprietary and expensive RISC/UNIX based systems. Producers in all mediums are paying attention to Intergraph's patented RealiZm 3D graphics accelerator along with single, dual and quad configurations of Intel's fastest Pentium Pro processors running Windows NT, as they set new standards for real-time 3D CGI rendering and texturing. Leaders in the entertainment industry's professional training and educational institutions such as the American Film Institute (AFI), the Art Center in Pasadena, and Full Sail in Florida are employing Intergraph systems within their programs.

Intergraph Computer Systems is the world leader in 3D graphics technology, products, and services for Windows NT. Intergraph develops, manufactures, sells, and supports computer systems for the creative and technical desktop as well as servers, networking, and interoperability products for IT solutions. Hardware products include Pentium Pro processor/Windows NT-based graphics workstations and servers. A member of the Fortune 1000, Intergraph is the world's largest company dedicated to supplying interactive computer graphics systems.

Blur Studio Background

The talented Blur team has created visual effects and animation for film, television and commercials. Another branch of the company covers graphic design, animation, and compositing for broadcast television. In addition to The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Blur's recent television work includes Pandora's Clock, and The Outer Limits. The company's motion picture effects projects include The Crow: City of Angels, Hellraiser, Bloodline, and commercial credits boast work for McDonalds, Evian, Diet Coke, Mastercard, Bud Light, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac-Catera, Pepsi and Tonka for Hasboro Toys.

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