Bea and Eff Fanzine Number 7 Rumors

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This item appeared on Ebay, and appears to have been a cartoon-based fanzine running around 1995 and 1996. This 1996 issue contained rumors circulating around the departure of Peter Lawrence and Takashi Masunaga's teams, before Davis Doi and the others were brought in to finish the first season.

Well, there really is no cover story. Did you really think that we'd take the time to do some investigative journalism, and try to get the lowdown on the rumors we've all been hearing...ya know, such as "$8 million spent and only 30 seconds of footage available to show for it" or "one crew fired, physically escorted off the H&B lot, and replaced with an entire new crew", or the ever popular "Disney bought the company that was doing the CGI effects for the show and they didn't want to finish the work"? C'mon, this is B&F fer cryin' out loud! While we may not take the time or effort to get the real story, at least we're not the types to perpetuate any unsubstantiated buzz we hear!


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