Atlanta Journal-Constutition Jessie Criticism Counterpoints

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The following appeared in The Atlanta Journal-Constutition. The citation is Eldredge, Richard L. (1995-11-12). "Sunday Buzz: Ex-Beatle's publicist having Best of times". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution p. M2. Only the Quest portion is presented.

JONNY & JESSIE UPDATE: Remember the nationwide discord that occurred when Hanna-Barbera announced that baby-boomer cartoon hero Jonny Quest might be getting a girlfriend when the updated classic '60s toon debuts next year? Well, relax. We just got a gander at the two-hour TNT original animated film, "Jonny Quest vs. the Cyber Insects," scheduled to air Nov. 19, and the Quest team's newest member, Race Bannon's teenage daughter, Jessie, is no "icky girl." Not only does she save Jonny's life when disturbingly large fire ants attack, but she also teaches him patience. According to TNT's Tom Wages, focus groups of men ages 30 to 35 were still a little squeamish at the sight of a female in the former all-boy's club. "There was a bit of `Why did they have to go and do that?' " Wages admits, "but overall, everyone understood that just like the [original] series, [the update] is a reflection of its times."

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