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The following appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The citation is Eldredge, Richard L. (1995-08-13). "Unionites have `Reason' to patronize bookstores". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution p. M2. Only the Quest portion appears.

JONNY'S GIRL: Local Cartoon Network-deprived baby boomers concerned about not being able to see "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" when it debuts on the cable channel next year can rest easy. In an unprecedented move, the new animated series that picks up where the classic 1964-72 Hanna-Barbera toon left off will run on TBS/Channel 17, TNT and the Cartoon Network. And contrary to what TV Guide recently reported, when Jonny, Dr. Quentin Quest, Race Bannon, Hadji and Bandit are joined by Race's "beautiful teenage daughter" Jessie in 1996, romantic sparks will not be flying. ``Jessie's a little older and smarter than Jonny," says Hanna-Barbera president Fred Seibert. "We're not doing `Moonlighting' here."

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