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The following is from an anonymous storyboard artist who apparently had huge issues with the first season. It was probably sent to friends on AOL.

Subj: Hang in there!
Date: 96-08-29 09:14:17 EDT
From: KIPP577

Hi Toon Chums!

I won't go into too much detail right now but trust me when I say it's going to get alot better in a month or so. I'm a freelance storyboard artist who worked on JQ earlier this year and I'm a big fan of the original series. What you are seeing now will compleatly change after about 27 episodes go buy.

This series has been in production for nearly 4 years. All these first episodes that you are seeing were under the control of a creative team who had a very different vision of what a show LIKE JQ should be for a new '90s generation. They are no longer in control. For reasons I won't go into, a new creative team took over to chart a NEW corse for the series at the begining to the year. That team changed everything! You will litterally see a different style of the characters, different voices for the characters and total acknowledgement to the original '60s series. A lot more Banditt as well! Trust me, the 2nd half of this series run is well worth waiting for. They're not ready to air yet and HB had to run what was already done and paid for. For better or for worse.

I aggree the shows are more flash over substance. No character development or play at all! And weak plotlines with continuity holes everywhere. The design isn't bad (except for Dr. Q. Too stiff!), and Race southren accecnt is a groaner. (Race, by the way is played by Robert Patrick. The T-1000 from Terminator2!). But as I said, that will change soon.

One more bit of info. We came very close to not even getting the original theme music incorperated in the opener or the show! Last I was told, the Big shots didn't want to use it. Wanted something"new and '90s"! Looks like some people at HB fought hard in the end and won! Thank God!

Thats all for now. Remember JQ fans, the best is yet to come! When I get word of air dates for the big swithch over, I'll post it in here.

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